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So you have a craving for a New York Italian restaurant. More importantly, you want to make sure the New York Italian Restaurant you choose serves food the way Mamma used to make.Well have no fear, Shrub Oak is here! No, Shrub Oak isn't a New YOrk Italian restaurant, but it is a beautiful Hamlet part of Yorktown in the Hudson River Valley. You will be sure to find any New York Italian restaurant you are looking for. In case you still want to find a New York Italian restaurant in New York City, Shrub Oak isn't so far away! Staying in Shrub Oak will mean you have easy access to New York City via the Metro North Train while also enjoying a great view of nature. It doesn't matter which Italian Restaurant you decide to dine because if you stay in Shrub Oak, you'll be still be saying Mamma Mia! What a beautiful place this is!

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